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Obituary for Laurino James Scafone Sr.

Laurino “Larry” J. Scafone, 85, of Lake Linden, Michigan passed away on October 5, 2023 in Marquette, Michigan following a cardiac emergency. Laurino was born on January 12, 1938 in Windsor, Ontario to Giacomo “Jack” and Laura Scafone. When Laurino was young, he moved with his family to the Detroit area and lived there for most of his life. Laurino was married to Pamela (Johnson) in 1966 and they had 2 sons. He resided with family in Lake Linden for the past 12 years. Laurino was creative in thought and with the works of his hands. He worked construction trades and was an entrepreneur. He enjoyed “real artwork”, antiques, 1930’s auto-mobiles, but his most favored pasttime was painting with oils.

Laurino is preceded in death by his parents Jack and Laura Scafone, and brothers Jim, Jack, and Ron. Laurino is survived by his brother Jerry, sisters: Linda and Laura, two sons: Laurino II (Dianne) and Mario (Beth), 10 grandchildren: Laurino III (McKenna), Sofia (Brian) Domzalski, Angelo, Emilia, Isabella, Anna, Eva, Abel, Naomi, Miriam, and 1 great-grandson: Drake. His most prized possessions were his close family. God faithfully positioned many into Laurino’s “inner circle” to share the glorious love of the Lord Jesus Christ who died and rose again for us, and everyone’s need to be forgiven and reborn by the Spirit of God unto everlasting life. (2 Cor 5:14-15, John 3:1-21)

A private memorial service will be held for family and friends in the Detroit area in the near future.